About Us

Our History

Established in 1981, having emerged from a Quantity Surveying practice, Masterbill have always set the standards by which Construction Industry Software should be judged.  Since our first BQ system on a Micro Computer, through to the launch of the World's first true Windows 32-bit BQ system in 1997 and the development of a complete eTendering solution in 2001, Masterbill have always sought to think beyond products and encompass the entire solution. 

In recent years Masterbill have become established in the Masterbill Elite Software for Quantity SurveyorsEstimating market, making us unique in serving both Quantity Surveying and Construction Company customers ...and this in turn has led to developments including CAD measurement, plus Siteworks measurement and modelling.

In 2005 Masterbill once again took the opportunity to think beyond products with the launch of Masterbill Elite which provides the complete solution from Feasibility through Cost Planning and BQ Production to Final Account in a single product with a single database.

Our Philosophy

The Masterbill philosophy advocates evolutionary products, continuously developed with Microsoft technology and fully enabled for Internet communications into the future.  The bottom line is that this delivers a cost-effective, competitive advantage.  We use the latest Windows 32-bit tools for seamless integration, with a familiar Windows look and feel that lets users Cut & Paste between applications and link to other Microsoft products (such as Excel) ...then output to shared printers using common Windows fonts.

By using a SQL Database, Masterbill software provides true Client-Server operation and is ideal for LAN/WAN/Internet applications.  This ensures the stability of secure network transmission and higher transmission speeds, combined with the flexibility of Open Database Architecture to readily share data with other applications.




Our Product Portfolio 

The comprehensive product portfolio developed and supported by Masterbill covers all aspects of a Construction Project: from Feasibility and Cost Planning, through BQ production, Tendering and Estimating ...on to Construction and the Final Account.

Each Masterbill product has been developed to operate either in isolation or in conjunction with the other Masterbill products.  This flexibility enables any user who invests in more than one product to eliminate the need to re-key data as the projects progress and the software employed varies ...yet (just as importantly) does not discriminate against a user who only requires one product to carry out a specific task.

This Product Portfolio really does enable Masterbill to assist you in employing the software that best suits your requirements and budget.

Your Future 

With over 1,000 companies already using Masterbill software, you will not be the first to benefit from the efficiencies that adopting a Masterbill system will bring.  Nor will you have to worry about ensuring that your software is kept up to date (so you can benefit from the very latest technologies), as Masterbill offer a future-proof IT investment that has the flexibility to grow with your business requirements.

Through our relationship with group partners
eData Online Systems and as a member of the Microsoft Developer Network, Masterbill will continue to pioneer and deliver credible eBusiness solutions to the Construction Industry. Web-Stat hit counters